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  • Orders accepted by email or phone -- 10 am to 6 pm. on all working days.
  • To avail of free delivery by VPP a minimum order of Rs. 500 is required. (Please note free delivery means we pay the charges for sending the parcel at our end. You will have to pay for the value of goods ordered.) For orders under Rs. 500, Postal charges at 5% of order value will be applicable.
  • Payment in Advance if delivery by Courier is requested or we will dispatch by VPP.
  • DD should be in favour of EDEN PARK AGRO PRODUCTS LLP payable at Pune.(For direct transfer to our bank, please contact us for our account details.)
  • Detailed postal address with PIN code and contact nos. necessary with order.
  • Orders will be dispatched at earliest but allow 5 days from receipt of order.

The following is a list of our products. Please mention the Product Name, Size & Quantity in the space provided below to send us your order:

Green Heart Products Size Price
Wheatgrass Powder Monthly Rs. 260.00 (Rs. 280 out of Maharashtra)
Wheatgrass Tablets Monthly Rs. 260.00
Lemongrass 100g Rs. 100.00
Flax (Roasted/Roasted-Salted Flax seeds) 20 sachets x 10g Rs. 99.00
Sunpops 100g Rs. 75.00
GlucoKare Biweekly Rs. 150.00
Alfalfa Powder Monthly Rs. 180.00
Wheatgrass Powder Family Rs. 880.00
Wheatgrass Tablets Biweekly Rs. 140.00


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