Eden Park Agro Products LLP

  • Orders accepted by email or phone -- 10 am to 5 pm. on all working days.
  • Minimum order of Rs. 600/- to avail free delivery or courier charges to be borne by customer.
  • Payment in Advance if delivery by Courier is requested.
  • DD should be in favour of EDEN PARK AGRO PRODUCTS LLP payable at Pune.(For direct transfer to our bank, please contact us for our account details.)
  • Detailed postal address with PIN code and contact nos. necessary with order.
  • Orders will be dispatched at earliest but allow 5 days from receipt of order.

The following is a list of our products. Please mention the Product Name, Size & Quantity in the space provided below to send us your order:

Green Heart Products Size Price
Wheatgrass Powder Monthly Rs. 300
Wheatgrass Tablets Monthly Rs. 260.00
Lemongrass 100g Rs. 120.00
Flax (Roasted/Roasted-Salted Flax seeds) 20 sachets x 10g Rs. 99.00
Sunpops 100g Rs. 75.00
GlucoKare Biweekly Rs. 180.00
Alfalfa Powder Monthly Rs. 200.00
Wheatgrass Powder Family Rs. 880.00
Wheatgrass Tablets Biweekly Rs. 140.00


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