Eden Park Agro Products LLP

About Us


EDEN PARK AGRO PRODUCTS LLP, established in 1994, has been growing, processing and marketing natural health food supplements for over a decade, under the brand name "GREENHEART".


All our produce is organically grown and processed at our factory, situated in the midst of our farms, which have the following infrastructure:

  • 66 acres of land under drip irrigation.
  • Water reservoir with a capacity of over 10 million litres.
  • Vermi - compost unit for generation of organic manure.
  • Water treatment plant for purified water.
  • Government FPO licence for processing our products.


Our Vision:


To remind people of our roots & our vast heritage and using that to create a world with a high standard of living, full of health and vitality.

Our Mission: What we eat has a profound effect on our mind as our body. Following our ancient traditions, we believe that our food is our best medicine & that Prevention is better than Cure. Our ancient crafts of Ayurveda, Unani and naturopathy have been following these principles for more than a thousand years with astounding success.


We believe that Nature has provided us with the tools for almost all our problems. It is up to us to merely accept her bounty with grace and be grateful for it. Even a lion knows to eat alfalfa or wheatgrass when it is sick, then we, as humans, who consider ourselves a superior species, should quite obviously be able to see how beneficial these plants are.


Our choice of ingredients and products are all tested by the sands of time by doctors, vaidyas and healers since the dawn of humanity. We have testimonials from our customers and history to stand by our side. Do you know that Karela helps with diabetes even if a doctor hasn’t told you it does? We do not provide cures. We provide health food supplements that help boost your immune system in ways that help fight particular diseases. We teach people to be grateful to nature for it


Quality Control: Everything that has been grown on our farms over that past 15 years has been 100% organic. We grow & process our produce totally chemical and pesticide free, hygienically. We follow certain practices that distinguish us from the rest.

  • High hygiene standards during the entire process growing, harvesting and dehydrating etc. are maintained.
  • Our onsite water purification plant provides us with pure and clean water used to wash the produce thrice before it is placed for dehydration.
  • The manure used on our farms is from our own onsite vermin-compost unit.
  • Regular nutritional analysis of our products are carried out to ensure that we are producing goods at a standard far higher than those set down by the authorities
  • We use only non-hybrid graded seeds for our wheat grass.
  • All raw materials used are of a premium quality and are periodically reviewed.
  • Strict quality restrictions are maintained throughout from the growing to the final packaging.
  • The materials used for packaging are of international quality. Hence the products retain their natural potency from the time of packing till opened for consumption if preserved as instructed.


Our morals and the ethics do not permit us to compromise in any way on the quality of products. They hold us to a standard that most would find difficult to sustain if all they are interested in is profits.

Business Propositions: We export all our products in bulk to many countries. We also provide are products for private labeling and bulk purchase. Our brand name “Green Heart” has over time become one of the most trusted brands in the health food supplement industry. As such we are always looking for distributors and retailers who are able to help us reach more people and change their lives and health for the better. We are looking for anyone who can bring healthy living to families all across the world and would be most interested to hear from you.

General Information
Company Name : Eden Park Agro Products LLP
Business Type : Manufacturer, Exporter, Trader
Year of Established : 1994
Other Information
Product Services : Wheatgrass Powder, Wheatgrass Tablets, Lemongrass, Alfalfa Powder, Glucocare, Flax (Roasted), Flax (Roasted and Salted), Sunpops available in Green Heart brand, private label, bulk and exports.
Country : INDIA